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New Partnership Agreement Between HLN and TraversEd

We’re proud to announce that the Harrison Logistics Network (HLN) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with TraversEd. With a vision to provide exemplary industry education, outreach, and opportunity, TraversEd aims to launch unlimited connections and careers in freight forwarding. By utilizing this partnership, HLN Members will set themselves up for success through a series of tiered, comprehensive training courses aimed to prop up their logistics skill sets to give them that competitive edge.

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Whether the goal is to start a career in freight forwarding, improve your international acumen, or support your company’s global growth, the following TraversEd courses will provide a solid education base to help meet that objective:

  • Tier 1 – International Transportation and Trade

  • Tier 2 – Essentials of Freight Forwarding

  • Tier 3 – Advanced Freight Services


TraversEd is offering HLN members a 30% discount until January 15, 2024. Bulk registrations of more than 10 people per class are eligible for additional discounts for both the tiered and short track courses.

Based in Toronto, TraversEd offers programs and partnerships which deliver world-class education and opportunity for today’s global trade professional. Education is shifting from knowledge transfer to skills-building, and from passive learning to active learning. TraversEd is synergistic education and training for the next leaders in global trade. Email for more information on our newest partnership.

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