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Harrison Logistics Network

The Power of Community

Who We Are

The Harrison Logistics Network (HLN), established in 2023 and headquartered in Houston, TX, is a global logistics network comprised of hand-selected freight forwarders working to offer supply chain and end-to-end logistics solutions globally while solving challenges and improving operations.

Found in major gateways and logistics hubs around the world, HLN members maintain high standards of quality, conduct, and business practices enabling the network to compete with multinational logistics companies on a global scale.

We are dedicated to providing a space for world leaders in freight and logistics to work together to develop and deliver world-class solutions. HLN service offerings include: air freight, ocean freight, rail and road, freight forwarding, turn-key project solutions, logistics planning, express deliveries, and warehousing & distribution.

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Partners & Programs

HLN is working to establish beneficial partnerships with service providers, insurance brokers, and preferred carriers in an effort to bring value to our members. Some of our partners include:


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Annual Membership Conference

HLN Members can look forward to future Annual Membership Conferences where they can meet their fellow members, develop contacts, discuss current and future business, and more!

We anticipate hosting the FIRST in-person membership conference in 2025, but we are currently exploring other avenues to bring the members together. Please stay tuned for more details.

Reading the HLN News

HLN News

Important HLN News announcements will be updated here as they're announced. Check back for the latest in member announcements, partnership updates, etc. to stay up-to-date!

What's happening at HLN:

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