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Announcing the Harrison Logistics Network Member’s Forum!

We are thrilled to announce that Harrison Logistics Network has launched the HLN Member’s Forum. HLN Members will have exclusive access to this forum which will be THE place for our membership community to come together to connect, ask and answer questions, share feedback or news, and more!

The HLN Member’s Forum was built to bring value to the membership at large through open discussion and knowledge sharing. Please note that the forum will only be as useful as YOU make it, so we ask that the conversations remain constructive and relevant to the logistics industry.

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Our membership is stronger together than apart, so remember to be courteous and respectful, stay on topic, and don’t hold back from sharing your knowledge! We have started a number of discussion topics already, all that’s left is for the members to join in and get started.

If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to start a new thread and wait for your fellow members to chime in. Posting is easy and intuitive, but we are always available to assist you.

Email to become a member and begin using the HLN Member’s Forum TODAY!!

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